CUBRO is among the leading vendors of TAPs and Network Packet Brokers and partner of the world’s largest Telcos and Enterprises with installations on all continents.

  • Cubro Visibility Solutions
    Network visibility is a success factor running any kind of networks from enterprise to large service provide networks. Not only performance but also fraud and security applications are a part of the network visibility infrastructure. Network visibility is a network with in the network, and this part can be very complex many devices from different vendors must be controlled smoothly from one single point, to keep the opex cost down and the visibility network stable running.

  • Packet Slicing
    Packet slicing means to cut of the payload of an Ethernet packet for monitoring purpose, the reason could be save bandwith and capture space on the disc. The other reason is security to protect customer payload. Typically packet slicing is an expensive add-on in NPB and has typical a reduced bandwith because it is realized with NPU Processors. Not in Cubro G4 Units it is included free of charge, up to multiple 100Gbit.

  • Inline Bypass Solution
    Bypass Switches provide fail-safe inline tool protection for your security and monitoring devices. The last software upgrade gives every Cubro Packetmaster the ability to work as a bypass switch with heartbeat functionality. The Cubro Bypass solution supports data rates from 1 to 100Gbit.

  • Symmetric Load Balancing
    Symmetric load balancing, or session aware load balancing, is supported on al Cubro G4 Packetmasters (EX32 … EX20400) at no extra charge. In addition, 10 LB groups with 16 ports are also supported. Symmetric load balancing is a mechanism that interchanges the source and destination address to ensure that bidirectional traffic specific to a particular source and destination address pair flows out of the same member of a trunk group.

  • Layer 7 Filters
    Packetmaster can be used with thousands of filters, with ZERO performance loss. Almost all of the field in the IPv4 and IPv6 layer 4 header can be used as a filter match. However, sometimes filtering is needed above layer 4. Filtering up to layer 7 is now possible with the new Cubro Session Master EXA series. The Session Masters units utilize on board Network Processors, which are highly optimized CPU’s that allow the Session Master to easily handle high bandwith network traffic with no lost or dropped packets.

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